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I’m published in novels, novellas, short stories and articles. My paranormal books blend the supernatural with mystery with a little humor and romance. I’m also a Web Designer, Book Cover Designer, and I work a full time position as a Management Information Systems Specialist. I love reading now but I didn’t always. That’s a funny thing for an author to say, I know. Why? I coudn’t find many books or stories that interested me growing up, but I did like to sneak my mom’s True Story magazines when I was a teen. I remember one book about a horse that’s name started with a T that I liked but that’s all I remember about it now. As I grew up, I found more and more books I loved starting with Mary Higgins Clark, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, etc. I loved mysteries and set out to write my first book that turned out to be a romantic suspense by the title of Suspicious Minds.



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