All For Love (New Orleans Love Story #1)

All For Love (New Orleans Love Story #1)

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Carina Anderson thinks her life is about as perfect as it can get until her loving husband Tyler begins acting strangely. When secrets are revealed, Carina’s life is blown apart both mentally and physically.

Will Carina and Tyler find their way back to each other, or will she turn to an old lover for support?

Genres: Romance / Contemporary / Mainstream
Length: Free Short Story (4k words)

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…“Mrs. Anderson, this is Susie from First Systems Bank.”

“Yeah, Susie. What can I do for you?” I pictured the sassy little brunette with whom I’d done business a number of times.

“I don’t understand it, but your account shows a number of withdrawals, leaving no money in your account. I have two thousand dollars’ worth of overdrawn checks from the gallery sitting here on my desk.”

“Let me get my checkbook, Susie.” There was, I assumed, a logical error on the bank’s end. I couldn’t have made that huge of a mistake. “I’m back. My checkbook shows I have three thousand left.”

“I’m sorry, but I’ve gone over it and over it. Five thousand in cash has been withdrawn over the last two weeks.”

“Who withdrew it?”


“Can you get me a copy of all the transactions over the last three weeks, Susie?”


“Oh, and can you hold those overdrawn checks for a few more days until I can figure all this out?” Tucking an errant strand of hair behind my ear, I awaited her reply with baited breath.

“I’ll try to hold them two days, but that’s all I can do. I can’t promise you anything more than that.”

“Thanks, Susie,” I said, expelling the ominous amount of air I held in my chest. Sure the bank had made a mistake, I tried not to worry. Undoubtedly, one of Tyler’s deposits hadn’t been accounted for. Finding the mistake should be easy. Right?…

FREE Short Story available only through Amber Quill Press.


Review by Author & Publisher, Stephen Geez
Posted on Goodreads 12/06/2015
“All For Love” is a romance novella by Kim Cox. So many romance stories are about two people fated to be together, but who must figure that out, then overcome obstacles keeping them apart. This story offers a refreshing and authentic alternative: two people who have already achieved the perfect marriage are tested by weakness and flaws, outside forces and inner demons. When their perfect world no longer exists, we have to worry whether or not they can create a new one—or if it’s even worth trying.

The power of this story lies in characters not being entirely sympathetic. It’s frustrating to see people getting in their own way, but that’s what makes it all so real. People deal with issues, and the solutions are often elusive. Sometimes it’s not how much you accomplish, but whether or not you choose to try together. I highly recommend this story both as a stand-alone romance, and as an introduction for newcomers to the character-driven tales by author Kim Cox.Stephen Geez Pen Logo Small CroppedReview by Author, Jennifer Hinsman
Posted on Goodreads 10/19/2015
Great, heart warming short story! Finished it in about an hour! Fun to see what happens and it was sweet.