Blog Submissions

Blog Submissions

Kim’s Author Support Blog does exactly what the title suggests. The blog’s main purpose is to support authors, especially Indie Authors. If you have an article related to writing, feel free to submit them to me. Another purpose of my blog is to connect readers with authors. Have a new book launch? Feel free to contact me and I’m happy to share it. Are you being considered for Kindle Scout? I can help there also. Running a contest? Send me the information and I’ll share it. Have a totally different idea? Run it by me. I’m happy to hear about it. I’m here to support you. 😀

Posts are normally posted on the weekend but if you prefer another day, I can work with you. Scheduling ahead makes it easier to post other days.

My blog is available to all ages, so keep it clean.

Happy writing and reading!!! 😀

The Writer’s Journey

Your article should answer questions such as:
How and when you started writing?
How and when you first published?
Are you published Traditionally, Small Online Press, Indie Author, or combination?
Tell us about your journey to where you are today.
What have you learned along the way? (This question includes as far as writing, publishing, marketing, promotion, etc. In other words, what’s working for you and what isn’t?)
What would you do differently?

Let me know if you see something I left out that you think should also be in the article.

Add your latest book and a blurb to article also with links to purchase, cover art, and photo.

Email it to me at

I plan to post one or two a week (according to how many I receive) and will let you know when your post is published on my blog at “Kim’s Author Support Page”.

These will be posted on a first come, first serve basis. I plan to post this notice on my blog later, probably the upcoming weekend.

I look forward to showcasing your articles.

Kim Cox